Gina's sassy, explosive best friend who is consistently portrayed as Martin's antagonist. Pam was formally born in 1963 .Initially, Pam worked in a boutique on commission. In later episodes, it's revealed that she works at the PR firm where Gina is employed, as Gina's subordinate. Pam and Tommy were occasionally flirtatious with each other in the beginning, and this developed into a romantic relationship for a brief time, during the Season 3. They later broke up near the beginning of Season 4 and remained friends for the rest of the series. During Season One, Cole harbored an unrequited crush on Pam, which she usually responded to by losing her temper with him. Martin usually starts with her by insulting her and calling her names and messing with her. Pam is frequently mocked throught the series for having no friends and being lonely.

Likes: Denzel Washington, Tommy Strawn. 

Dislikes: Martin (formerly), Cole, Sheneneh, Roscoe.