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Hustle Man
Tracy Morgan as HustleMan.png
Tracy Morgan as Hustle Man
Vital information
Gender: Male
Huckster / Con Artist (?) / Entertainment Manager
Neighborhood purveyor of questionable products and services who always sells them at a "discount rate" and once even managed a "rapping" chiahuahua dog
Related to: ????
Hometown Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Character information
Appeared on: Martin (TV series)
Episodes appeared in: 7 in Seasons 3-5
Character played by: Tracy Morgan

Hustle Man was a minor recurring character who appeared on Martin who was played by comedian/actor Tracy Morgan.

About Hustle Man[]

Ever the huckster, Hustle Man always kept a job, resorting to hawking just about anything to apparently make a buck. Why, he sold chicken (or was it hens? or pigeons?) on a stick, going door to door in the middle of a blizzard. Talk about taking advantage of opportunity and blitzing the market with product.[1] The neighborhood purveyor of questionable products and services as he once said "at a discount rate! I don't do dat for erra'body! I'm just tryna help YOU out!", Hustle Man always greets Martin with his trademark "What's happenin', Chief?" In one episode, one of Hustle Man's more outrageous items for sale was an 'appetizing' array of roasted pigeons impaled on a tree branch (as if barbecued on it), which he attempted to sell to Martin and his friends while they were snowed in and starving.

Hustle Man trying to hawk some of his goods on Martin Payne's TV talk show "Word on the Street".

He also sold flowers by the roadside, and 10 minutes later—when he noticed Martin and Gina were in need—he tried to sell ’em some tires.[1]

Hustle Man also was a wedding planner and developed affordable alternatives to those pricey items on wedding lists. He also sold jewelry. Once, Hustle Man was managing and training a supposely "rapping" chihuahua named "Icepick". “Go ’Pick! Go ’Pick! Go ’Pick!” And lest we forget, he was also managing a cockroach that he claimed could supposedly "pop-lock better than Rerun".[1]

Hustle man also played the saxophone and even secured an audition with a major record label. All of this pertaining to Hustle Man, the character he played, spoke to Tracy Morgan’s comedic genius. Word is that Morgan ad-libbed many of his scenes.[1]


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